Create Your Map

Bored of Standard maps? Sometimes a little complicated to find from among all the other places where you want to go? Or are you abroad and have a tendency to get lost? Or having hard time finding a place for the second time, where every place looks the same, every face looks the same and everybody speaks the same language- but you? Create your map on the way, or before, so that you keep calmer the rest of your holiday, or your usual hectic day.

Share Your Map

Express yourself! Let your friends or anyone find out about your choices, your routes, your favorite places! Let your friends know what you’ve found out first! Best sunset view? Best Local food? Best outlet store? Let the others follow you, learn from you.. And you learn from them, too. One life, too short, and lots to endavour! Share it to make it bigger! Share it to make it more enjoyable! and share it to make it helpful!

Plan Your Trip

Tired of carrying addresses along with you? Or tired of writing notes on your phone or looking for pre-registered places-while driving maybe?. Now you can plan or have it planned to your assistant, before hand, easily, and efficiently. Where you will go, when you will go, how you will go- and let the others waiting for you to know about it. About delays, about location, about any changes. All in one place- MappTick!

Remember Where You Have Been

Location Reminder! Do you remember where your most favorite Tapas Bar in Barcelona was? Where you ate the best fish and chips in London? Best cafe in Rome? Ok. Do you remember the answers of them all? With what you ordered, how much you paid? 3 years later, too ? Well, you don’t need to be a genius for that anymore. You can record all this and more with MappTick

About mapptick

New way your own.

Mapptick is a new app revolutionizing the conventional maps by letting people customize and create their own maps according to their own needs.

Most map applications have very detailed information on the maps they provide. However, everything is one sided- there is no response from the map. You cannot interact with other users. Most of the time it is very complicated and you are bombarded with information that is irrelevant to your needs. MappTick is changing this.. You will make the maximum out of the maps, in various ways.

You will be creating your personal maps for your specific needs. You will be able to check out what maps other people have shared- to make maximum use of them very easily. You can use them for business, too, as well as your daily needs and entertainment. You will learn so much from other people’s experiences- right away.

You will be able to search the maps- according to different filters provided for you.

You will be able to store, share and rate and retrieve in future any maps that you have created.


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How it Works?

Simple / Creative / Amazing / Fun

  • Register/Log in:

    Download the app and answer a few questions about you and your prefrences, get registered. We provide you with our services best fit for your preferences.

  • Pin Your Places

    Begin immediately to tick your favorite places, why they are so- put reminders, create your own personlized maps for any purpose and keep them for your future reference or to share with the people.

  • Find Places

    Search for maps shared by other Mapp Tickers. Make friends, share comments, ask questions.. Make use of others’ experiences to make yours perfect!

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  • Create Your Own

    Create your own tick list- relate them to certain tasks if you need to do so. Like- places to visit next holiday, places to visit in spring, places to be checked out for your business- and you can put reminders to yourself both responcsive to your location or the time settings you choose.

  • Share Your Lists

    Share these lists with your friends. family members, colleagues or employers according to anything you need to do or to have others do for you.

  • Plan Your Trip

    Plan your trips beforehand so as to save time and to let others know about it, to arrange your time more efficiently.

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It`s very simple!

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Reviews About Us

We are hopping get reviews like below.

Lucas Davis

Yo, it's Lucas from Texas. I used MappTick on my trip to Paris, and made the best of my time through folllowing maps on MappTick. And from now on, I will share the maps I will create because I thus realized how useful it is!

Hans Wagner

Hello, I am Hans from Frankfurt. Last month when we visited a trade fair in Guangzhou, China, with 50 other businessman as a trade delegation, we never had any troubles of losing some of the group members- which was a frequent case before. Everybody was on time, and found the places very easily, as if they had been there so many times before. It was their first time..

Chang Zhang

Hi, I am Chang. I am from Peking. We went to visit Firenze with my family. My wife and I were interested in seeing museums, and our kids were more interested in seeing cafes, and restaurants. Thanks to MappTick, everybody managed their time in the best way without getting lost, and without sacrificing from their little time for others’ wishes. Our holiday was a remarkable one, thanks to MappTick, I will use it everywhere I go from now on.

Juan Garcia

Hi, I am Juan from Argentina. I used MappTick when I travelled to Warsaw. It was very frustrating to see the names on the maps and not understanding anything about them. So we found about MappTick on the third day of our trip. After that, we very easily downloaded the app, and it worked amazingly.. Especially the Spanish version was a big surprise for us to make things even easier.. We reccomene MappTick to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

With friendly answers.

Do we pay for MappTick?

No. It is free to download and use up to some point for absolutely free but there will be PRO level for 2,99 USD for some features.

In how many languages it is available?

For the moment in English only. But soon many other language options will be added- starting from German, Spanish, French, Portugese, Russian,Turkish, Indian, and Chinese.

Can we download it from Google Store?

Yes, you can. You can also download the app from AppleStore, too.

Does it have a desktop version?

No but there will be in the near future.

Who will see the maps I share?

Everybody, nobody, somebody- according to your designation. There is 3 way to crate a place on your way.. 1- Only me 2- Show friends 3- Show everbody

Will this information be shared with third parties?

Not unless we have your consent. And when we ask for your consent, it can be used only for the specific purpose mentioned in the request.

How can I use MappTick for business?

In very many ways, indeed. Especially the coming generations will provide with more options, but even in this version you can use MappTick as a very efficient tool to support your business. You can create your routes, you can plan, schedule your trips, and share them with your customers or employers. You can think of many other ways according to the needs of your business.

Are there going to be separate headings for different maps?

Yes, especially in PRO Level you may open as many maps as you like, for as many different purposes as you like. With the filtering and the keyword search engines, you will have multiple ways of accessing specific information also shared or contributed by your friends.

Will I be able to promote my maps?

Yes, depending on the positive ratings you will get on your maps. You may ask from or prompt others to choose to vote for you through direct messages though.

Will I gain anything from rating maps?

Yes, probably you will be rated as much as you rate other people’s maps. And if your maps pose a solution to other people’s needs, they will move up in rank. As your map reaches the top, it will be entitled to various prizes that will be provided through our sponsors.

Where on Earth is covered by MappTick?

As long as there is no restriction to GPS Satellite signals and internet connection at your location, and there is no local jurisdictional restriction in the country of your location you will be able to use it everywhere on Earth.

Will MappTick work for naval navigation?

Not now, but in the later versions, so please try to make us a bigger family sooner- all these depend on Money to be raised from investors- our planning is close to perfect- we are just trying to get the finances right.




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